Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Reviews and news and a weekend of nothingness

1. I finally read Return of the Black Death. I ordered it last Friday, but didn't get it until Thursday because the box had been damaged and so I had to sign for it. And then I saved it for Shabbat reading.

It was brilliant - a lovely piece of historical detective work, with willingness to discard old ideas if they don't fit the facts.

Also - epidemiology is a good thing.

I also read Only the Ring Finger Knows Vol. 2. This is a yaoi prose novel - the first half of the first volume was made into a manga (a rather gentle one with only kissing), but not the rest of it. And the translation is...painful. Stilted with odd word choices which makes me think they were going for literal meaning. Some of it is the culture, I'm sure - the strict hierarchy imposed by age, the relunctance to use personal pronouns - but when tongues murmur loquaiciously in each other's mouth...(Yeah, I was rolling at that one.)

I also taught at the weekly parsha group. It does seem like I only go when I do teach. The ladies seem to like it, though, and two of them remarked that I'd lost weight since. Which is nice.

2. We sponsored kiddush in honor of my brother-in-law's wedding and jonbaker's uncle's second yarhzeit. We paid a little extra to get hummous, babaganoush and Turkish salad along with crackers, to supplement the cakes and soda of the normal kiddush. Most people opt for the "hot kiddush" of cholent and kugels, but the kugels are either too salty or too sweet and the cholent is heavy and I can eat the salads. And they went fast. We could have gotten herring, too, but decided not to.

Jonathan also led musaf, which was lovely. He has a nice repetoire of tunes and got people singing along.

3. We watched the Stargates Saturday night, as usual. I liked how Vala has seemed to grow in SG-1 - and I loved that in her initial interaction with her daughter, she had NO makeup. It worked well. As for "Common Ground" - SQUEE. :)

4.We spent Sunday doing nothing. We were going to look at a couple of Open Houses in the neighborhood but the weather was blah and we just wanted to veg. I got a lot of knitting done, and I began the little knitting notebook (a4x6 clothbound Clairfontaine with ruled pages. It fits the cosmetic bag I use for a toolcase perfectly. I would have gotten a grid but there wasn't any at that stationary store. Plus, the grid is too big. Instead, I got a pad of 6x6 grid graph paper - the idea is that I'll graph out a lace pattern and paste it into the notebook. I tried that with the lace I'm currently knitting, using the Vogue Quick Reference Guide for the symbols. And, you know. Even though I've knit over ten inches of wrap, the graph was very helpful - just making it was helpful, but seeing it was even more so.

And I wound a skein of dk merino into a center-pull ball, and I might keep on doing that.

I also watch a lot of The 4400 marathon and we watched the last couple of hours of the Emmys together.

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