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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Yeah, I'm bored. Also, I'm in trouble.

I just got a major plot bunny.

I wanted a simple pwp - Vimes/Vetinari. But then there's Lady Sybil to worry about because I like her. And I came up with a solution (a *bad* one, because I really do like her) but one that calls for major back story.

The only way to make this work is to make the story *long*. So. In my head, I'm now writing a long Discworld story that will probably make a lot of people mad at me. Except for those who won't read it because they have no idea what Discworld is.

I'm in trouble.


OMG! Vimes/Patrician PWP?!?!?!


Can't wait to read that one XD

Not going to be a pwp. Going to be much longer.

And have Magrat in it.

And have Magrat in it.

This officially sounds awesome.


I just love Magrat.

I'm looking forward to it. But what is PWP?

"Plot? What Plot?" - a vignette that has no plot beyond "get these two into bed together."

Yes, I want Sam and Havelock together.

Write the story, because the ones you are afraid will make people mad, sometimes don't and often do, but are usually worth it.

This coming from the person whose speciality is writing stuff that makes people mad because I do in fact make them believe it as long as they're in my stuff, and afterward they either decide I'm nuts or are annoyed because now they're stuck believing it.

Oh, I'm going to write. It won't let me alone if I don't.

I just hope I finish it - I have a lot of unfinished works on my computer/in my pda.

I vote for a threesome! Sam and Sybil take Vetinari in, and...

Oh wait...that's my yuletide request. :)


I have no idea what I want for, um. That Day.

Please to be noting the hotiday icon!

Oh,that is *cute*.

I'm pretty much focused on the slew of major holidays coming in about a month. Fortunately, almost all on weekends.

Please write it! Vimes/Vetinari is my discworld OTP and there isn't that much of it around :-)

I'm certainly writing it. I'm not exactly afraid of people being mad.

I killed a major character in my very first story, after all.

(And I think I killed Mulder, all told, about three times.)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

You're going to hate the way I deal with the spouse.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Oh, please. I'm better with charecterization than that.

Lady Sibyl could NEVER be a bitch.

Just wondering if you were going to include Young Sam (their child).

I somehow can't see Vetinari as a surrogate parent, though it would be amusing.

*evil grin*