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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Mazel tov!

Pretty much exactly a year ago (less two days), my cousin Rachel lost her husband of many years to ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease.) He was a gentle, sunny man who managed to survive long enough to see several children married - he even got to attend a son's wedding a week before he died.

Today, we found out that Rachel is getting married again. Tomorrow. He's a neighbor, they've known each other for years. If I go to her house at 10AM tomorrow, I can go to the wedding in Lawrence, NY. For which she's currently cooking because they were going to have a barbecue, but the weather isn't cooperating. They chosen to have a small second wedding (since their custom says that children don't attend parent's remarriages, it would be small.)

I don't think I'm going, and there won't be sheva brochos, but I'm very happy she's found someone else.


Children don't attend parents' remarriages? How horrid. If Kathy had refused to come to Adam's & my wedding, I'd have been devastated. That just doesn't seem like an auspiciosu start to a blended family.

It's not a common custom - most of the second weddings I've attended have included the children from the former marriages, but it is a Lubavitch thing.

I think they believe it's disrespectful for the first spouse. It's not that the children *refuse* to attend. It's that they don't even assume they can go. There's a real difference.

As I started reading your post, I wondered why having one's husband die of ALS would be a "Mazel tov!" situation. You might want to consider putting the good news first...

Praying for her to have good weather for the wedding.