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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I wrote about a thousand words on that story today (after my work at work was done).

And I didn't save them properly. I just spent the evening rewriting that scene (much improved, to my mind) and saving them.

2260 words. Not bad at all.

Current Mood: relieved

I need help on Jewish naming practices.
I have a character, English, but her parents are Israeli.
Right now, I have her as Adina barJonas. Is that correct or would it be Adina batJonas?

I wasn't sure if the patronymic had gone the way of Anderson and ebcome unisex, or if it was still more akin to Andersdottir.


Are you talking about her religious name or her secular name? In the majority of Jewish communities, the secular family name has become unisex. So, for instance, if your family name is Bar Yam, it doesn't matter if you are Moshe Bar Yam (male) or Rachel Bar Yam (female). But if you're talking about her religious name, she'd be bat [whoever]. For example, I'm Esther Miriam Bat Sha'ul Aryeh (my father's religious name is Sha'ul Aryeh). If I had a brother, he'd be [whoever] ben Sha'ul Aryeh.

Secular, what she goes by at work and to her friends.

So, yes. BarJonas would be fine for a woman in a secular name.


oh, i wish i'd written a bunch. i just got my computer back up and running. thought i'd say hi.