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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Breathing, breathing

I noticed this morning that my pda was not in my belt pouch. Okay, I figured I'd left it home. (It's always there, along with my cellphone, my pill case, a credit card, my bus pass and whatever notary money I've accumulated, plus some small change. If it's not in the case, it has to be home.)

Slightly annoying, as I do use information on it at work, but not the worst thing that could happen. I had jonbaker forward me the information I needed, and that was that. I had yesterday's comics there, so I knew I had lunch time reading, and I had my new sock on its extra long circular, so I knew I had something to do on the bus.

Then I came home and I couldn't find it. I couldn't find it anywhere - on the table, by the bed, between the beds, anywhere. We had the cleaning person come today, so she could have put it anywhere, but more likely in the same room she found it. But it was nowhere, and I was panicking. And I had to go shopping for dinner and for the trip.

So I did, hoping a little time would help. I walked back praying it was findable - and then I pledged tzedaka - a specific amount of tzedaka to a specific charity. If I found it. Because I couldn't lose it. I need it. I need the info, I need the reading material. I'm taking the WIP with me. And it's not replaceable, unless I get a used one. Palm isn't making Tungsten Cs any more. And Jonathan would be so disappointed.

And I came home and put away the groceries and searched again, and then I searched my purse. Where it never is. And which was a little heavier than usual, but it had a bunch of comics in it,so that would be that.

And there it was. I swear I kissed it.

And now the Hebrew Academy for Special Children has a bit more money than it would have for its summer camp.


Sneaky fellows, the Hebrew Academy for Special Children! They managed to move your Palm to remarkable effect!

(And haven't you got all your data backed up? Newer Palms ought to be able to read it.)

Newer Palms don't seem to have the nifty keyboard the Tungsten C has. If I want to replace it, I'll have to get a Treo.

I don't want a Treo.

Also, no Treo has built-in WiFi. Showstopper. (I have a phone. I want a PDA.)

I'm also a big Tungsten C fan. What I really want is a Tungsten C2. Same or similar form factor (with keyboard), but more memory, built-in Bluetooth, the newer Palm OS with NVFS support, and the new this-is-THE-connector we-really-mean-it-this-time connector. (So much for the "Universal" connector.) Basically a TX with a keyboard instead of the soft Graffiti area.

Dell's sending me a new AXIM today. I'm all about the handheld karma today... I'm glad you were able to find it.

And really, now I feel as if I should send some money to the school kids.