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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Things that do not make sense:

"Hi, can I speak to soandso?"

"Soandso is on the phone right now. Would you mind holding?"

"That's okay. I'll just call his cellphone."



Well, it *might* make sense - if, for instance, the caller knows that soandso keeps their cellphone switched to voice-mail.

He doesn't. Also, I offered him soandso's voice mail.

*LOL* I get lots of those at work, too. It's just that all our phones are cell phones. So when they say "I'll just call his cellphone", I say "Sure", knowing that they can't see my evil smirk.

I suppose I can see where calling the cell phone to leave a message will be easier than waiting around on hold, if the issue isn't of immediate importance. But it does have a certain air of "Oh, you won't interrupt him? Okay, then I'll do it myself."


Soandso had a voice mail, which I could have sent him to directly. *Shrug*.

I hate that. I also dislike people calling on The Boss's day off, who upon being told it's his day off, will say, "Oh, that's OK, I'll just call his cellphone." First, hello, day off? Second, do you realize how infrequently he checks his voicemail? You'd be more likely to get a message through if you left it with me, stupid.

My boss? Never answers his cellphone. :)

*snerk* Well, that is also frequently a problem, too. He only usually answers when he can tell it's really important, and mostly? It's so not.

subtext to their response:

I'm a self-important arse, and have no respect for others.



Saying one will call his cell phone is exactly saying "he'll hang up his other, non important call, when he finds out that *I'M* calling him".

Which, like you said, translates to "I'm a jerk"

On the other hand, many assistants use the "He's on the phone right now" for "he doesn't want to talk to people who only waste his time". In that case saying you'll call his cell is a way of saying "but I'm not one of those people", even though you so are.