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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Five Things Meme - Housex2, HPx2, SNx2, SGA, DC Universe

goudagirl asked for
five things house will never say to cameron.

1. I use you to remind me that patients are people.
2. Those vests are distracting. Keep that up.
3. You're stronger than I am - you can still function as a doctor even as you sympathize with patients.
4. I dreamed of you dying of AIDS right up until the final test was negative.
5. I never hired you for your looks, but they are a major perk.

sorchar asked for
Five Things Chase Wishes He Could Tell His Co-workers.

1. I am desperately in love with all of you.
2. I never stopped believing when I stopped trying to a priest.
3. I didn't leave because of sex.
4. I dream of Cameron and Foreman tying me up. House is nowhere in sight.
5. I still hate my father.

pumagrrl asked for
Five things Snape will never say to Harry.

1. I had a crush on one of your parents. Seeing you drives home how much they hated me.
2. I still have nightmares about betraying the prophecy to the Dark Lord.
3. I wish I had more Hermione Grangers in my class.
4. I nearly burned my textbook because I admited my impure blood.
5. I stole and improved Levicorpus from Black.

cereta asked for
Five things Harry will just never get about the Wizarding World.

1. Their isolation from Muggles.
2. Their fear of technology.
3. The secrets they all keep from each other.
4. How they're all really related.
5. The stories they tell their children.

gnomi asked for
Five things Casey will say to Danny only when one of them is drunk.

1. I accepted Dana's dating plan because dating her terrified me.
2. You have always been more important to me than Lisa.
3. I hated Rebecca because she wasn't me.
4. There was never any choice between Conan and you.
5. I want to touch your hair.

mari4212 asked for
Five things Teyla will never understand about Earth-Humans."

1. Why they use such imprecise language.
2. Why they all insist on wearing simiilar clothing.
3. Why there are so few women among their warriors and scientists.
4. Why they delight in obscure jokes and references. Or, really, jokes at all.
5. Why they do not act upon their desire for others.

vassilissa asked for
Five things Jeremy and Danny talked about.
1. How important Isaac is for both of them.
2. The difficulty of an office romance.
3. How they both grew up with the same Haggadah.
4. How Jeremy knows what Danny feels about Casey and would never tell.
5. How odd it was to be a sports-loving geek.

An anonymous person asked
Five time periods Bruce and Dick ought to be warped back to

1. Bruce Wayne, Duke of Gotham, aka the Black Knight, and his Squire.
2. Captain Wayne of the privateer Bat, trolling the waves for pirates, and his first mate. And doing so without a Letter of Marque and Reprisal.
3. Mr. B. Wayne of Philadelphia, with a station of the Underground Railroad. His ward, Richard, uses his talents as a Conductor.
4. Bruce Wayne, wealthy American, working with the French Resistance in World War II. His ward is a paratrooper.
5. The Reverend Mr. Wayne, clergyman of a Puritan Town, known for his firery, saved-or-not sermons. His indentured servant spirits pregnant girls out of town.


4. How they're all really related.

And people say us hillfolks from the South are inbreed... ;)

There are much more of you than there are of them - Hogwarts is designed to hold every single British wizard and witch between the ages of eleven and 18.

Right now, that's less than 400 kids. Think about it.

Liked the memes. The Batman one you should at least drabble.

Thank you!

Batman was...interesting.

Oh, poor Casey! ::sniff::

::wants to hug Casey::

I grinned at him wanting to touch Danny's hair, though. :-)

That was why he had to be drunk.

And I had to toss that one in, because it fit.

Wow! These are great!

Thank you!

I would read all of those Batman stories.

Those, as I said above, were interesting. Because, honestly? They are all aspects of the Bat. He *is* the fuedal lord of Gotham, and Dick/Jason/Tim/Stephanie are his squires in a very real way. And he is a vigilante, so he would not operate with a Letter of Marque and Reprisal if he were a "privateer".

And he sees the world very much in black and white, much like a Puritan preacher.

The other two were just fun.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I know. I think he's taken the place of Danny's brother Sam.

Oh, I love them all.

Thank you!

this was awesome. particularly liked the HP ones