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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Better now

I got hit by a very bad cold on Wednesday at work. By the time I got home, I'd gone through half a box of tissues (granted, boutique sized but still) and with my new blood pressure issues, I can't even take palliatives.

We had all sorts of plans for Thursday - Jonathan was going to take the day off and we were going to babysit our niece Zoe for a few hours since her preschool ended at twelve and Mommy wouldn't be home until 3PM. Because she got married (and changed her last name - I asked) on Sunday and went back to school fulltiime on Tuesday. They're taking their honeymoon over Thanksgiving. Anyway, this was a chance for Aunt and Uncle time, which we want very much.

And then we were going to rent a car and go to Monsey for ninepatch's sheva brachot.

But the cold put paid to all of that. Given that I woke up with a slight fever that morning, it was as well I canceled all the plans. Mitchell took Zoe along on an outdoor lab with one of his biology classes instead, and as it turned out, the bridegroom unfortunately had food poisoning, so the sheva brachot was called off.

Yesterday was miserable,and when I took my temperature last night, it was 99.6. My normal body temperature is 97.4, so this was bad, but ibuprofen sorted that out, and it was normal this morning. My nose is still stuffed but I'm not dripping or sneezing, so that's an improvement. I'm mostly feeling a bit weak.

On a different note - my mother is in the hospital. She'd been switched from insulin to Byetta, and the Byetta not only made her extremely nauseated but she got heart palpitations. So she spent much of Wednesday in the ER and is now in a room on the cardiac floor (and, yes, back on insulin.) She's still not sure why and she's feeling fine, if also rather bored. She apparently didn't see a doctor all of yesterday.

Still - she's Batya Rachel bas Chana.


I hope you get better soon and I'm glad your mother is feeling fine.

I hope you get over your cold quickly, and that your mother's health remains stable and good.

I hope your mother gets better soon.

And I hope your cold improves. I am the same way with body temperature, which has made it hard if you go to the doctor to get some sort of diagnosis (if they don't know). Get plenty of rest too!