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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Another 5 things entry

jcalanthe wanted
Five Times Danny almost fell off the wagon, but didn't (without a trace)
1. Two weeks after his first AA/NA meeting, when they didn't find that baby girl.
2 The time his father called.
3. When his leg really hurt after running.
4. When Samantha and Martin *looked* at each other.
5. Every single day.


Oh yay, these are just perfect! Thanks for these - it's so nice to see a bit of Without a Trace on my flist. :)

I'm so glad.

My obsession with WaT started only this past spring (and with a rather surprising girlcrush. (Elena Delgado. She's just. Gorgeous. It went away after a week, but for someone as straight as I am...)

And to prove it - I mixed up Danny with Martin. I'm sorry. But wasn't it Martin with the drug problem?

*laughs* Martin has a drug problem, yes. Danny is an alcoholic (he's been sober since before the show started). I don't know if you saw the ep where Sam asks Danny to help Martin, and then Danny goes to a meeting & Martin meets him there, but that's the background on why.

Now that you mention it, I can see that you were thinking of Martin (Danny's dad is dead IIRC - he was abusive tho, so I could see if he were alive, calling would be a major stressor), but I glossed right by it.

That's so awesome that it's Delgado that sucked you in (she should be mightily impressed with herself for her effect on you :). She took a little warming up to for me, being the new kid, but I am quite fond of her now.