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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Another SGA Thought

John Sheppard in Rod's AU? Has perfectly groomed hair parted neatly on the side. If he had bad eyes, he'd be wearing black hornrims, but he's still an Air Force pilot, so 20-20 eyes. His uniform is always neat, except for the food stains. He tries to get rid of them, but he gestures so much the food flies. He doesn't run unless Rod prompts him.

The leather jacket? Is Rod's. When he gets back to his own universe, he'll slip it around *his* John's shoulders and kiss him, but it will look wrong and he won't do it again - put the jacket on his John. He'll kiss him again. John will be so surprised he was wrong, and so very happy that he'll just stand there with his hands waving, until the kiss.

He'll kiss back. He'll ask if the other Rodney and the other Sheppard were gay, and there will be a hint of jealousy in his voice.

Um. I should stop there and write this.


note: cut tag bugness (text-"blah" instead of text="blah").


Cut tags and I have not been getting along.

They think you're just using them.

ooooooooooh. I had no idea until just this minute how much I wanted to see John Sheppard in black hornrims. Stupid Air Force. *kicks 20-20 eyesight requirement*

He'd be utterly adorable. And I WANT TO SEE THIS.

*stamps foot*