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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Help me, friendslist!

I need new shoes for the fall.

I want cute and not-orthopedic looking.

This is my Easy Spirit Wish List. Any of these shoes might do.





Chala in Burgundy

Chala in Black



First issue: how do you feel about velcro? FoF scorns all velcro-closed shoes, saying (rightly, alas) that "they're for old people." I find that the end of the velcro strap *always* curves up over time like a little tongue (not staying down neatly the way it is in the picture), so they don't keep that all-strapped-down look.

If this bothers you, Umaywish is your choice.

If the velcro issue doesn't bother you, how much do your ankles tend to get cold? If they do, stay away from Attestor. If they get hot, like mine, go for Attestor.

I like Attestor, but only in Black -- the pale line on the Brown sole is ugly as sin IMHO.

Of the others I like Carlene best -- the strap line on Chala looks not-quite-right to my eye.

Velcro does bother me a little, for those reasons. Also, it attracts things like hair - the velcro in my wrist brace (the one I sleep in) covered in that.

Umaywish is cute, and so is Carlene.

I'm more worried about support than temperature.

You think Umaywish will look okay with semi-formal clothing?

You think Umaywish will look okay with semi-formal clothing?

*sigh* Probably not. Motion is the only laced one I'd wear to shul. *looks at calendar* arrghh!