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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
It's over.

The Shabbaton is over. It was a true success, and it was also exhausting - plus, we had selichot last night at 1AM, so we were up at seven and asleep at 3AM. I got a nap in, but Jonathan felt obliged to stay with our guests. Silly bear - they would have understood. And been fine.

But catching up with LJ? Not going to happen. Anything interesting, please tell me.

(And I managed to not tape Survivor *or* the Stargates. The first was my own forgetfulness. The second was that Jonathan managed to unplug the cable box. We didn't realize that until we came home at 10PM, by which point it was, of course, too late to do anything.)



they'll be running them again, SGA on thursday at 6pm amd SG-1 on Friday at 6pm. I think that they're also available as downloads at itunes.

Thursday six. Friday six.

Thank you!

We were just that frazzled on Friday, you know?

I completely understand. :)

They also always run them again at 11pm & 12am on Friday night too. :)

That I know, but it's, well. Friday night. If I mess up before it's dark, I'm sunk.

There's also:
Totally friends locked, for obvious reasons. *g*

well, yes.

I wonder if there's one for Survivor...

Not that I've yet found.

Ah, I guess that means you didn't hit the knitting event in Union Square today, MamaDeb?

I was surprised by it and TimeOut New York's Back to School event with music! Union Square was also jammed with the usual artists. It was a great day for it.

I had gone in to Forbbiden Planet to get this week's comics as I was away this Wednesday. And I hit PetCo for kitty treats and the B & N there.

It was quite the event from what I could see. I didn't even know it was happening this weekend. But I did try to scan for you.


We even turned down invitations like "please come and play with Zoe (the new niece" and "I'd like to take you to dinner in an extremely local restaurant."

The dinner I made was completely out of the pantry.

Shabbaton reports on my blog: