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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
"Why I love you Meme" Part III

You're right - I don't know you as well as I might. But I can see you're honest and open and you have a wicked sense of humor.

You don't open much, or much that I can see, but you're intelligent and not afraid to make your point of view known. These are good things.

Someone else I've known for years. Intelligent, loyal to friends and causes, not afraid to do and be what you you want to be - and a wonderful person to hug. (And the mother of a truly adorable little boy.) We don't see each othe often enough.


Aside from the mother bit (which I hope you and Jonathan will find a solution to), the same could be said of you. *hugs*

Yeah, I don't open much, at least, not until I feel safe. Then I open up, maybe too much. Maybe I need to learn some shades of gray.