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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
The Amazing Race

Disclosure of sorts - Terry of "Tom and Terry" (the gay couple) works for my husband's company, and they're kinda elevator acquaintances. So I am watching this with jonbaker, who is otherwise not a fan of the RealityTelevision. The company itself is showing tapes of the episodes in a large conference room. If they make it to the final episode (and gay couples have a great track record in this competition), I suspect there will be a large viewing party that night. We will probably be there. So - rooting for Tom and Terry. Terry travels as part of his job, so he should be good at that part of the race.

That said - I was very disappointed when the Muslim guys were Philiminated so early - I was curious as to how they'd handle the various challenges caused by their faith (and similarly for the Hindu couple - what if there was an eating competition that featured pork or beef? Or if they had to put on swim suits? All of these things have happened in the past.)

I was impressed by the amputee woman's boyfriend. And, honestly, no one was annoying - there's no one I would mind winning. (Okay, I like the brothers, but I have a soft spot for brother teams.) Plus - good challenges, no bunching and they got to go to China. Very cool all the way around.

And I get to watch it with Jonathan. :)


I agree at being disappointed that the Muslim men were Philiminated; I liked both them and the Indian couple quite a bit. But yes, I agree -- I liked all the teams a lot!

I think the Amazing Race would take the dietary restrictions into account before setting a challenage. They would definately give a choice of challenages just because of that.

But I love AR. It and a guilty pleasure of Who Wants to be a Superhero? are my favorite and only reality shows I'll watch.


I was also disappointed to see them both go so early, but I almost always feel that way...we just haven't gotten to know them yet!

I was very worried that the Kentucky couple's accent was going to drive me crazy, but I was SO proud of her getting up that wall! I would have been done right there at the bottom.