Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

(um, yeah. Way bored.)

Dinner last night.

We ate out a fair bit last week - there was my brother-in-law's sheva brachot, which ended late enough for us to go to our favorite fast food place for dinner, and then we got a surprise invitation to our old shul's dinner on Thursday, and there was the Shabbaton, which meant catered food twice in a row, and Jonathan just wanted food I made.

But we were so exhausted from the weekend that I didnt want to go out even for basics. We'd even been invited out to dinner on Sunday and turned it down - and this was to a place a block away.

Knowing we'd feel that way, I took out som thinly sliced turkey filet to thaw - about two slices, which makes dinner for one person.

I took stock of my frozen vegetable collection, hoping for something besides spinach. I found a new bag of frozen cut green beans. Perfect. I knew I had a large white onion, I always have garlic and pasta, and there's basil growing in a pot on my windowsill.

So. I put a pot of water up to boil. Meanwhile, I chopped a large white onion finely, and tossed it in a frying pan with a layer of shimmering olive oil. I sliced a large clove of garlic and added that, plus pepper. I diced up the turkey, and tossed that in, and added the end of a bottle of chardonnay - this cut of turkey works best as a braise, I think. I mutilated my basil plants, washed the leaves and pulled them off the stems, and chiffonaded them. At this point, the turkey was cooked, so I tossed in the basil and turned off the heat. The water was boiling, so I added whole wheat spirals - too much as it turns out. Ah, well. After four minutes, I tasted the pasta, and added some spoonfuls of pasta water to the turkey mixture. When the pasta was done, I drained it in a colander filled with half a bag of partially thawed green beans. I tossed that around to make sure the green beans were heated through and then returned it to the pasta pot, and mixed it with the turkey.

It was quite yummy. I should have used less pasta, but otherwise - the turkey was tender, the onions sweet and the basil subtle.

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