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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Shabbat/Yom Tov menus

Friday night (us, Mom, Lenny and Brother)

Raisin Challah

Chopped liver garnished with onion and tomato

Chicken soup w/noodles

Roast turkey breast
Dressing (made in crockpot)
Marinated broccoli

Honey cake/diet carrot cake

Shabbat Lunch (no guests)

Turkey, dressing, broccoli, challah rolls, wine

Saturday dinner: (just us)

omelet with spinach and tomatoes, challah rolls, wine

Sunday lunch (us, boroparkpyro)

Chicken soup

Green salad
Meatballs in tomato sauce over noodles

Honey cake/carrot cake


You sound so organized... I'm envious.

And the food sounds good, too, of course :-).


Only in that I know what I'm eating. :) I'm making the soup tonight - possibly the noodles as well. The rest gets cooked tomorrow (the soup*must* be made tonight because it's an ingredient in the dressing.)

I sort of know what I'm making, and I don't think there's really time to get it all done, with the number of things that will fit in only one pot... So I'm not calm about the meals yet. And I work tomorrow.

Tomorrow night we are dining Sefardic for a change:

- Gundi (Iranian chicken soup with turmeric)
- Risotto made with sage leaves and with zucca barucca (butternut squash, though the name "barucca" is considered a kind of vernacular pun on "baruch")
- Asparagus
- "Pan de calabaza" (challah made with pumpkin)
- my nana's honeycake

Your weekend food plan sounds lovely. If I don't talk to you before then, a shabbat shalom and a sweet new year to you!

That does sound so yummy.

ONe of the tricks to yom tov cooking is to make reheatable food for the second day. It makes life easier - especially because even if the first day is NOT Shabbat, one cannot cook on the first for the second.

Wow. Yum.

Oh, would you possibly share your honey cake recipe? I've been looking for one.

Thank you.

I don't have a honeycake recipe. I don't bake. I buy.

Sounds delish. We're doing challah and stuffed cabbage (with apples & honey, of course) Fri. night. Sat. lunch is mock chopped liver, chicken soup, chicken w/prunes and olives, saffron rice, glazed carrots, something green TBA, applesauce, honey cake, and pumpkin pie (w/soymilk), unless I serve one of those Friday night instead. Sunday will be leftover city. ;) It's just us and my in-laws, so it should be manageable -- but I still have a ton to do this afternoon!

(And, as I meant to say before I hit submit, shanah tovah!)

oh, poo.

there goes my attempt to send a comment without being spoiled as to what lunch'll be :-P
sounds good, i can't wait! :-)