Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


I'm in the throes of new notebook lust. I was reading the Levenger's catalog, and I saw these really neat notebooks that fasten not with spirals or rings, but with *buttons*, and the pages are like rollodex cards, so you can slip them in and out, and they're just *cool* and and *neat* and *pretty*, and I want.

Except I don't *need*. I have a house full of notebooks, including purse sized ones, and a calendar and, well, *this*, so I don't need a notebook. Of any sort, not even the really pretty normal ones I saw at the stationary store, where I bought green makeup to wear next March when I dress as Fiona from Shrek for Purim. But it doesn't mean I don't *want*. And these are so *cool*.

Maybe I'll get one anyway, as a birthday present to myself. Maybe.

Otherwise. I worked today, even though it was Columbus Day. I walked in, and there was a huge box of shredded paper - it seems the bosses got a paper shredder, and the weekend guy made good use of it. And *I* got to stuff the shreds into plastic bags. All before I got to my desk. Took me five bags - large bags - and fifteen/twenty minutes while my coffee got cold. Not his fault, though. I don't think my boss brought the bags over to this office until today - he just put them in the box the shredder came in, which makes sense.

After that, I finished all paperwork pending before lunch and even got the desk neatened. And was bored the rest of the time, at least between phone calls and such.

Apparently, that's one of my problems. I do the work too quickly (it's not hard - take each listing. Type in the entire sales listings in one program, type in the landlord's name of rental listings in the other, log in the rental listings by hand, photocopy both to distribute to the appropriate agents, file the originals in the correct notebook in the correct order) so I have time.

So what's the problem if I go online? :)

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