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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Shock, amazement. Wow.

Friday afternoon, while I was cooking for Rosh HaShanah and not checking on, well, mail and such, a package arrived. jonbaker brought it upstairs, along with other mail and a bouquet of yellow daisies for the table.

I opened it, and it held three copies of Kashrus Magazine. A few weeks ago, I'd sent them some samples of my work, and then this piece I wrote especially to send to them. And.

They published it. And they didn't publish it as a "first person" piece. They published it as a *column*, under its own heading of "What's Cooking", with exortations to read it several times to get everything out of it.

This came as a complete surprise (as did the check for a substantial amount of money, considering.) I hadn't heard a thing from them since I sent the essay, which was published unchanged so far as I can tell. I need to talk to Rabbi Wikler about contract and deadlines (DEADLINES!) and reprint rights and such, but right now.

I'm a published writer. I'm a professional food writer, which is something I'd wanted to do for years. It's a national magazine, too, even if it has a fairly low circulation. And this was the kosher directory, which is the one people *keep*. And.

I danced for I don't know how long after lighting my candles, and we told everyone we could given that it was Shabbat and then yom tov. My mom and brother came for dinner the first night, and left with one of the copies, so that's done.

And. I'm still in shock.

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(no subject) - (Anonymous)

How wonderful for you! Mazel tov!

Thank you!

*cheers and applause*

Congratulations, and may this be only the beginning!


Thank you!


Thank you!

Mazal tov! May you go from strength to strength, and may this be only the first of many such wonders.


Thank you!

Congratulations! A column! WooHOO!

Thank you! I know!

wow, indeed!

that's wonderful - go, you!

Thank you!

Congratulations! That's wonderful.

Thank you, sweetie!

Mazel tov!

Thank you!

I am just so insanely happy for you right now. Massive, massive congratulations.

Thank you so very much!

congratulations! that's totally deserved, but what an amazing way for it to happen

Thank you!

It's been said already, but I want to add my own Congratulations! That's wonderful!

Thank you!

I add to your huge pile of CONGRATULATIONS!


Thank you!

I missed this when you first posted it....allow me to add my belated congratulations on becoming published!

Mazel tov! Im yirtza Hashem, many more!

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