Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Fannish Archetype Poll

thefourthvine ordered and I obey. Eventually.

(okay, oops. What fandom am *I*, mamadeb? Because I did this *before* coffee and you can't edit polls.)
Poll #832043 Fan archetypes.

This is sort of like a Sorting Hat deal, only - not. In your opinion - ignore my own opinion, please - what fan archetype am I, TFV? All answers cheerfully accepted; it's not like any of these is a bad archetype. I don't have, like, Fan Villain on here or anything.

Baaaaaaaby animal: I've been in fandom less than a year, so I don't know what I'll be yet.
Camel: I sometimes don't have any fandom at all. And then I get to an oasis and get into it again.
Canadian goose: I mate for life; I've only ever had one fandom, and I've had that fandom for more than two years.
Gorilla: I have a select group of 3 - 6 fandoms that I stick by.
Human: I have one true fandom, but I, um, see other fandoms from time to time.
Hummingbird: I dart from fandom to fandom. Nothing holds my attention for long. I've had many, many fandoms.
Lone wolf: I have a teeny true fandom, so I supplement with other, larger fandoms.
Magpie: I love the shiny, and I'm always picking up new fandoms, but I keep the old ones back at the nest. I have many, many fandoms.
Swallow: I migrate back and forth between two fandoms.
Turtle: I move from fandom to fandom, but very slowly.
Zoologist: I'm a fan of fandom, not of any specific one.
Chimera: some combination of the above.
Fantastic beast: none of the above.

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