Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

A gripe about Studio 60


In the Science-Shmience sketch, one of the anti-science folks is a man named "Shlomo Levy", who is identified as a member of the "Ultra-Orthodox Meir Kahane group."

Um. No.

Note - I haven't the slightest problem with them making fun of U-O Jews. They're as ripe for the mocking as any other group. And, honestly, he had a good showing - I mean, the biggest problem I had with that simple fact is that it makes no more sense for him to wear a prayer shawl to a game show than it would for a Wiccan to wear a pointy hat.

But, you see. I know a fair number of followers of R'Kahane a"h (he was assassinated 16 years ago) and none of them are Ultra-Orthodox. All of them, in fact, are pretty modern, as was Rabbi Kahane himself. This doesn't mean that there aren't/weren't (the group is pretty fractured now) U-O members of this ultra-Zionist group. It's that the group itself is/was not U-O.

The sketch was introduced with the idea they would be as factually accurate as possible - making sure that the "Bible College Student" came from a real college with "Bible" in the name (and thus not Falwell's Liberty Universeity.) You'd think they'd make equally sure that they protrayed the Jewish and Wiccan members as accurately. (The Wiccans can speak for themselves, but I've never heard of them as being particularily anti-Evolution. Or wearing pointy hats other than ironically.)

On the other hand, the fictional show-within-a-show is shown on Friday night...(I wonder if it's on opposite 30 Rock)

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