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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Just spoke to my publisher

Or jonbaker did on his way to work.

No contracts. I should wait some time before offering it for reprint, but since he edited it, it's his. And Jonathan thought someone had asked for it who hadn't, so there's some miscommunication there.

Which he didn't.

It's not a column but he'll print anything I give him, so long as it's shorter.

I don't know how long "shorter" is.

And I should keep writing, and offer to other publications. I'm wondering if I could submit something to Jewish Action. Except they already have a food column. There's always Horizons, I suppose.


Whoah, am I out of the loop! Who's your publisher! Hatzlacha rabba!

(And there's nothing wrong with Horizons. They pay $10 a page!)

I'm talking about this, actually.

(And I got a fair bit more than $10/page...)