Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

(Knitting) Dilemma

I'm almost finished with my first modified Hedera sock (I'm knitting them toe-up, so I reversed the lace and I made another couple of mods along the way.)

Where I made the lace correctly, it's lovely. However, *that* didn't start until halfway up the foot, which is also *way* too tight, so is difficult to get on and also looks bad. And the heel is less than lovely, too. And there are other mistakes. I *know* the second sock will be much better.

I'm thinking very seriously of frogging the whole thing, washing the wool to get rid of the kinks and starting fresh. No one will see the mistakes, the sock *is* wearable and I'd be knitting three socks instead of two. (And now I'm really glad I didn't do two-at-once with the Magic Loop.)

Advice? Heck. Poll.

Poll #842357 Sock Do-over

Should I redo the sock?

Yes - the poorly made sock will drive you nuts
No - you've been making that for weeks and no one else will know.
Yes but wait until you make an entirely different pair using that lovely Koigu you bought.
No. Just forget that pair and go on to the entirely different pair with the lovely Koigu you just bought.
*This* is what you're worried about?
Why don't you just *buy* socks?


Is this a tick question?
Tags: knitting

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