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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Everyone's okay?

A small plane or helicopter just crashed into an apartment house on E.72nd St and York Ave in Manhattan.

I'm shaking a bit here in Brooklyn.


*hugs tight* I just heard about this from a co-worker and immediately thought of all the various New Yorkers I know online.

I'm having...flashbacks. I was at work when I found out the last time.

I can't stop shaking.

Just saw that. *hugs* So far they seem to think it's accidental, but yikes.

I'm sure it is accidental - that's hardly a target - but..yeah. Hugs back.


*hugs* back. I'm sure it's an accident. Still.

WCBS-AM is saying it's not considered to be terrorism.

M works noticeably lower (49th St, 2nd Ave), so should be fine. I do need to call my friend, who lives at 1st Ave and 70th St, though.

damn. forgot a clause:

"not considered to be terrorism, but NORAD is scrambling fighters, anyway, in accord with current protocol."


*hugs* back.

That's the Belaire, according to AP via a quote on the BBC.

Watching the print news now. **HUGS** I know this triggers all manner of flashbacks for you residents more even than for the rest of us.

Oh, yeah.


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*hugs you tight*


I'm so happy to hear you're not involved!! Back after 9/11 an online friend of mine also from Brooklyn was unreachable for 3 weeks... it turned out he was severely depressed and that's why he couldn't bring himself to contact anyone. I understand, but it really scared me!!

I think it's probably not an accident, but probably not terrorism either. Maybe someone had an axe to grind. But this is the stuff of conspiracy theories *shrug* I don't know, but I really wish I did.

Current information is that hte plane was piloted by a Yankees pitcher - a new pilot.

So, nothing more neferious than poor flying. I'm sad for the people who died and for his passenger, but otherwise relieved.

I just heard about it.



As I get more information, it's better.

Not shaking anymore.

I'm at work (toystore in the East Village), too. We've got the radio on, and it looks like what above folks are saying--small plane, accident.
I'm glad you're feeling better.

*hugs* Get a glass of water, and drink it slowly. Take some deep breaths.

(That's what I did, and it helped.)


My stepmom lives close to there on east 73rd, but about a block and a half away.