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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Buffy moment

I just watched this week's Buffy. I liked it. It was quiet, and nice - and is increasing the number of things that Buffy can't slay. She can't do bullets, cancer or bad hearts. Hmmm. You know. The real world.

But. There was this moment. Willow goes to visit Tara's grave. Willow, btw, looks *lovely* in a black sweater over a rust colored skirt and dark boots, as a contrast to the ugly shirt Buffy wears at the end of the episode. Anyway. She puts a couple of pebbles on Tara's grave.

And this is so *right* for an American Jewish woman - we don't do flowers. We put on stones as A. taking part in the commandment to build a memorial stone and B. because flowers *die*. Normally, we do it as we leave - a visit to a grave ends with scouring the ground for small stones - but there is nothing wrong with doing it first, and given the rest of the scene, it was the only way to do it.

And Willow so needed this closure. It was beautiful.


I think. I think that, given other reactions I've seen to this scene on the TWoP Buffy forums, we've been starving for something like this.

This is something pretty much all of *us* have done at one point or another. We have memories of bringing stones or poking around cemeteries, of carefully placing them on a brand new headstone, or on a worn one for the greatgrandmother we never knew, but we have her name. It spoke to me very clearly that here is Willow, and for all her talk of Gaia and all her probing into Wicca, she is still Jewish.

And would it be wrong of me to hope that she finds in *that* a source of strength to be able to use her powers? Even if I know that would never happen?