Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


1. I struck up a conversation with a woman while waiting for a bus last night. It was hard to describe. First she went on about how she went to a store but it was closed, but she wanted a list of items they had on sale (jewelry, a purse) with the prices, so she's going to another branch of that store. And then she was going to the supermarket (she named the supermarket) and I said I was happy about making dinner in the crockpot, and she said it was only her.

And then she told me this tale of horror - her husband had been killed on Labor Day and no one knew about it for days. He'd been left lying in a subway station, and the cops just thought he was a homeless man sleeping. For two days. Meanwhile, she was getting frantic and going to the cops and one guy was rude to her ("Maybe he just didn't want to come home. Some guys are like that.") She's apparently reporting him. And then they finally realized about the dead guy, and he matched a picture she gave them, so she had to identify him.

Which took looking at his tattoos because he has an identical cousin.

I am not making this up.

The story was horrible enough, but her voice was...matter of fact. Maybe she just told it often, I don't know. Since she told a total stranger, she might be that type. Still, it didn't sound all that different from her reaction that the bus left moments before we got there. It didn't match the story. I don't know. She segued from that to her mother's boyfriend. Fortunately, a neighbor of hers got on the same bus and she abandoned me (with an apology) to talk with her.

Be a good plot for "Without a Trace." I wonder if I'll see it later this year.

2. Studio 60 was better than it has been. Maybe it was the lack of sketch "comedy". Maybe it was two of the subplots - the Nate Corddry and his parents one, and the Timothy Busfield and the old man one. The DL Hughely one at the end was also something interesting. The rest? Meh.

Also, I find myself referring to the people on that show in a weird way. The two male leads are "Chandler" and "Josh." The female leads are "Harriet" and "Jordan". Everyone else is by their real names because, well, calling Timothy Busfield "Danny" would be confusing, but I don't think of him as "Cal".

Aaron Sorkin really likes the name "Danny", doesn't he?

3. Heroes is still good. And getting better. And, of course. I love Hiro.

4. I watched Wife Swap. There's just not that much at 8PM on Mondays. And. As usual, I found myself identifying more with the more counter-cultural family, but this time they both...weren't insane and there was real communication and even some change.

5. Stewed pullet? Always delicious.

6. Just before I woke up, I was having a nightmare - one of true horror.

It was an hour before Pesach and I hadn't covered my kitchen counters!
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