Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

It's getting darker

And the kiddies are coming in.

In Park Slope, the kids trick or treat at the stores along the big shopping street. We're not a store (well, we are, I guess), so we get them, too.

And they are completely adorable, of course (except for the very tall teen-ager in the mask with the tag still on and *not* accompanying younger siblings).

We have a laundry basket with candy and I'm giving one piece per customer.

Lots of witches, one V for Vendetta, no Potter. A couple of Batmans.

And while a lot of kids have the traditional plastic pumpkin or the less traditional but reasonable plastic shopping bag (and one had a pillow case), I'm seeing a lot of cloth bags - mostly quilted pumpkins, but also other designs, some fairly large. I don't remember this from last year. Are these new?

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