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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
In other news

I got hit by a bad cold this weekend - bad but fast, so I was able to attend the upshersin. But it did keep me away from the computer (and from a class I was supposed to teach on Shabbat, with no way of letting people know I couldn't attend. Bah.)

But I did have dinner with my brother in celebration of our joint Hebrew birthday this past Thursday (birthday was Wednesday night, but things happen) and Jonathan gave me a couple of food writing books. We gave him a book of poetry.

And I found that knitting at parties is a good thing - I had fascinated children watching me create a sock. :)


I'd be fascinated by your sock skills too. I cannot turn heels. Unless someone else gets involved, anything I knit turns out to be a scarf.

I was just working on the toe of the foot so the heel is still in the future. All they saw was stockinette on one side and garter rib on the other (I *love* magic loop.) It was the knitting itself that fascinated them.

It will be a heel-flap heel, though, which should be fun.

And as I'm within four-five weeks of finishing my cable-lace wrap (mistakes and flubs and holes and all), I'm planning the next one.

This *will* be a sweater. I've found the pattern and I think I know the wool - something worsted in rose.

Careful of that cold, MamaDeb. If it's like the one haunting me, it comes back and comes back and comes back.

I've had this thing for a couple of weeks now. One thing I found really helps with it is the newish Tylenol liguid cold stuff. The Multi-sympton one. I like the orange one, the Citrus Burst.

I can't take cold medicine. I'm on blood pressure meds. All I can do is tough it out.

I've found a produt that helps help colds go away and stay away is a nasal spray called "sinus buster". Obviously take a copy of the ingredients to your doctor before using. It does sting a bit the first couple of times you use it but then your nose gets used to it. I used to get 4 sinus infections that turned into bronchitis a year and since I started using this 4 years ago it has nipped it in the bud each time. I just started using their headache forumula at night before bed and I'm waking up less congested and have only had one migraine in a week and no "rebound" migraines in the morning.