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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Heroes 1:08

This was so *fast* - it never stopped moving. Matt is still sweet (and how could his wife cheat on him?) and Mohinder is gorgeous, and it's so cool he actually has a power.

Ted (Radioactive Man)'s power is heartbreaking. Then again, so is Matt's, and maybe Isaac's.

But my heart? Belongs, as much as it could to a fictional character, to Hiro. Because he is a hero. He has this way cool power and all he wants to do is help people with it - he's never going to forgive himself for letting the "poker men" die. And he and Charlie were the most adorable thing EVER. Instant chemistry, you know? And he could have told her he had his power, but he didn't. "I have to power to teach Japanese really quickly." Hee.

And so when she was killed, it *hurt*. I should have expected it - there was this shadowy TK-powered person and it was all sinister - but I didn't. I just had this picture of the three of them traveling (because she so wanted to travel) and being heroes in their own way. And instead, she was killed and it hurt.

And Hiro looking so happy at her birthday party...this is where he learns English. This is where he learns to fight with a sword. This is where Hiro takes the next step on his journey - and it was because he didn't do the right thing in Vegas.


Mohinder has a power? I thought that kid that kept appearing mede him see stuff, or was that supposed to be a symbol for his own power or a symptom or something like Niki's alter ego? Obviously I didn't get it. *is all confused now*

That's the confusing part - was the kid *him*? I think he was a manifestation of Mohinder's power, but I'm not sure. We already have a split person, so we don't want another.

See, and before you mentioned Mohinder having a power I thought it was an actual kid, i.e. real and not Mohinder, that somehow felt compelled to make Mohinder confront things, because all these superpowered people seem to cross paths with each other.

Oh, you think it was Mohinder? I thought the kid was his dead sister, and that the files he found from his dad indicated that his sister had the power to communicate through dreams, or something like that. But maybe he's just acquired his sister's power?

I thought that might be, but the kid seems quite clearly a boy (maybe a younger manisfestation of Mohinder himself). Also, this is a culture where girls do NOT wear boy's clothes.

Yeah, I was thinking it was a younger Mohinder. But in those papers at the end, with the photo, there was another Indian name, yes?

I think it's rather cool that Isaac paints the future and Mohinder dreams the past.

And ooh, interesting point about Hiro learning English in that other timeline. I figured he'd go back, he'd get killed by Sylar, and then rubberband back to this reality (like when he teleported to future NYC)

Yeah, good point. Someone on my journal just pointed out the name on the file was Iyer Sanjog, so maybe that's who the kid is?

Also, his sister died when she was five. If she were going to manifest older, she might as well manifest as an adult.

maybe i missed something, but i thought the birthday was just the day before... or was he trying to go to the day before, but missed again and ended up farther back in time than he wanted?