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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Wedding Soup

Or, at least a facsimile of it.

I wanted a simple, hearty soup for dinner last night, and I knew I had two containers of leftover chicken stock in my freezer.

Except that one was dated April, and was clearly Pesach leftovers. Ooops. Turns out that chicken stock lasts 2-3 months in the freezer. The other one, Rosh HaShanah leftovers (guess when I make chicken soup), was just fine. However, it was also only 3 cups.

So,I bought a quart of store-made chicken broth from a local kosher supermarket. I also got a pound of ground turkey, some fresh parsley, an onion, frozen spinach and a box of digitalini. I'd already taken both frozen containers out to thaw, so I could more easily discard the older stock.

I chopped the onion finely and sauted it with some sliced garlic in olive oil. When it was cooked, I added both stocks, plus Italian seasoning,bay leaves, pepper and some of the parsley. I'd intended to add carrot as well, but I forgot to buy it.

While the soup came to a boil, I made the meatballs - the ground turkey, Italian seasoning, grated garlic, pepper, chopped fresh parsley, matzo meal, an egg and a bit of olive oil, all combined by hand. I made tiny meatballs - less than an inch in diameter - and dropped them one by one into the soup to poach. That done, I added a few handfuls of frozen spinach and digitalini, and reduced the soup to a bare simmer.

It was a tad salty by the time we ate it, but I just added some water and it was *perfect* - filling, flavorful and pretty. Carrots would have helped, but that's about it. And the spinach came out very tender and nice.


The soup sounds yummy.

What shape of pasta is this? Or did you mean ditalini?
(I'm thinking of finger-shaped pasta now :-).)

Me=at work (and way bored)

Probably ditalini.

Oh, I love that soup. My mother always made it with escarole so that's what I use. Yum.

I looked for escarole, but that supermarket is kinda short on greens, so I went with spinach, which also isn't as bitter to me (I'm sensitive to bitter.)

Digitalini are little computer-shaped noodles. :)

whoa. that soup sounds amazing! i hope the KKons food'll be that good! :-)

Um, what's the connection with weddings? I can't recall ever having a soup like this at a wedding.