Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


We had a low-carb feast at my inlaws'.

The guests were my inlaws, us, my jonbaker's brother, his new wife and daughter, *my* brother (my mom and her fiance were at his famiy's) and L.

L was...uncomfortable for me. She's a former classmate of my brother-in-law, and, honestly, if Jonathan's mother was to draw up a list of the attributes she wanted for a daughter-in-law, she'd come up with L. Not me, and not J, but J gets a major pass because at this point, they just wanted M married and anyway, she brought in Zoe, whom we all adore. (J's also sweet, bright, pretty and dedicated to her causes, which are all good things, too.) And I kinda felt that, and reacted badly by turning into a silently fuming lump, and therefore exploded later. Not a good thing.

The food itself was very good. There was turkey, of course, and my mother-in-law's dressing of chunks of bread and lots of vegetables, steamed broccoli, my spinach kugel, salad, a butternut squash for my brother-in-law in place of turkey, Splenda cranberry relish, and Splenda pumpkin pie and apple pie. The last three were...well. The cranberry relish was fine with the turkey, but not by itself, as I could taste the Splenda. The same for the desserts, plus the pumpkin needed salt. Just a touch would have brought it to life. I know my mother-in-law needs to watch, well, everything, but there's taste to consider. As it was, though, the only dishes with carbs were the stuffing, the handful of matzo meal in my kugel, and the crust for the apple pie. And all was relatively low-fat as well.

And yet it really was yummy, so that's good. (Part of the dearth of carbs was that Mom heard "kugel" and thought starch.)

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