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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
New dress

A few years ago, I bought my version of a Shabbos robe. Instead of being a long, ornate, expensive dressing gown, however, it was a relatively inexpensive green velour dress I could just pull over my head after my shower and done. It wasn't something I'd entertain in, but it was comfortable and not unattractive, and served the purpose intended.

But, you know. I wear it every Friday night, pretty much, from October to April, and sometimes all day on Saturday, or I change into it after shul if I'm not going anywhere else. And all that washing has made it pretty threadbare.

I've been looking for a replacement, and I found it. Here.. Except I'm getting it in plum, not merlot. And this looks a lot more dresslike, so I could actually wear this when we have guests without feeling like I'm entertaining in my bathrobe. It's also half the price of the least expsensive Shabbos robes, and it's perfectly modest.



that is SO gorgeous!

Do you wear headscarves at all, or just snooooooooooods?

Headscarves all the way. Snoods are for when the doorbell rings and I have to cover fast.

And isn't it beautiful? I'm going to feel very Shabbosdig in that.

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I really don't know - it came in a range of sizes (yay for XL Petite!), a color I love and the style was perfect. I hate shopping.

Jonathan doesn't really like the traditional robes, and my background is such that it would really feel like I was wearing a bathrobe in public, even if it's not one.

That's a lovely dress and quite modest; I'd wear that myself any day, and the price is certainly reasonable.

I was surprised that the Shabbos robes on the site you linked to (the one with the explanation) were mainly either black or reddish - not the best colours for anybody with paler or warmer skin tones. Is there a traditional reason for this, or are those just the colours that vendor brings in? I only ask because a lot of Jewish women whose ancestors are from Ukraine have red hair, and those colours would make most redheads look sickly.

I think it's that site, but Shabbos robes do tend to come in the darker colors (the better to hide stains, I think.)

Personally, I'd go for dark green or dark purple, but those *are* my colors.

I've had that dress on my wishlist for a while (one in each color, please)! Blair does have things that are pretty good for the money, and they have a good return policy.

That's very good to know.

It is such a pretty dress, isn't it?

That is pretty! =)

Isn't it? :)

Oooh, I think I want one. Let me know how it feels!

I will. I'm looking forward to this.

That dress is definitely the winner if you want something you can wear in front of guests.

Or wandering around an SF con on a Friday night. :)

Or just something pretty to honor the Sabbath.


I have a long wine-colored velour dress which I wear all the time in the winter -- over tights or leggings it is surprisingly warm. A big beaded necklace dresses it up; big fluffy slippers dress it down; and it's just a useful thing to have around. (I think it's from Eddie Bauer -- similar to this one but without the v-neck...)

That's so pretty!

I'm more of a skirt and sweater person at work, but there's something about the ease of a dress.

Very lovely indeed.

Thank you!

I like the design and I think from what I remember of your pic, plum is a good color for your coloring.

Greens and purples. Purples and greens. These are my colors.

I love blair. There stuff is good and lasts long and they are cheap. I've done comparisions of identical product there and elsewhere and they always win.

Very good.

Ooh, that's cute. *might get one even though she doesn't need it for a Shabbos robe*

No, but I can see where anyone would want something that is several steps up from sweats without actually needing to feel *dressed*.

How beautiful; Blair makes some lovely clothes and they wear well. I've been buying from them for over ten years and haven't had a problem.

I am so reassured for both the dress and the company. Thank you.

That is a lovely dress. (I'm now considering one in merlot.)

You'd look beautiful in that color.