Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Studio 60 (mostly a rant)

I have no intentions of watching next week's episode, of course, since I never watch Christmas-themed episodes in December, but I wonder if I'm going to watch any other episode. Surely my time would be better spent just watching Heroes in its entirety. After all, Heroes is actually good.

There was so much bad about this last episode. Just so much.

1. If there's a virus epidemic going on in the building, why would the network allow them to go on and infect a live audience?
2. If a hostage situation has just ended in blood and bullets, why wasn't the show pre-empted for, oh, NEWS?
3. A sketch about hostages is in very bad taste while there is an ongoing hostage situation, even if it didn't end in blood and bullets.
4. Harriet is supposedly a talented comedian. If she weren't, she wouldn't be allowed in the Falstaff Society (one assumes.) She can tell jokes with set-ups and punchlines. We know that because she does thenews, which is essentially a series of set-ups and punchlines. No matter how much Sorkin dislikes Kristin Chenoweth (who does not do that sort of humor, I assume), there's only so much he can graft onto Harriet.
4b. There is a rule about ethnic humor. This rule is that only members of an ethnic group can tell ethnic jokes. Harriet telling a Jewish joke breaks that rule. Yes, there are exceptions - mainly comedians like Mencia, because ethnic jokes are his entire shtick - plus he makes fun of his own group as much or more, he makes fun of stupid people even more than that *and* he stears clear of religion. And that is NOT Harriet's shtick. And then she tells it badly, which makes it either a joke against women or about whitebread comics, which makes it offensive on an entirely different level.
5. Jordan's pregnancy makes very little sense, but Jordan makes very little sense. And, wow. Pregnant women are hormonal so they can't make good choices when they talk to interviewers. If she can't do that, then she surely can't run a network.
6.Spitting at the only healthy member of the cast? Mean, much?

This show is getting less and less watchable. As I said, next week is already gone. TVland is getting pretty darn annoying as it is without me voluntarily watching the programming that tells me something is wrong with me because I lack "Christmas spirit". The question remains about the weeks that follow that.
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