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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
And it's not even 2:15

My boss's wife called here at about 8AM. This is Friday - I don't work on Fridays.

Turns out her husband had been rear-ended last night. He's going to be fine. He's still in the hospital and the car is gone, but all he got were stitches. Baruch HaShem.

But he needed a phone number so he could send another agent out on an appointment, and tell him that he needed to redo a listing because all of that is in the now inaccessible car. And the number is in the office, but his keys are under security at the hospital, and his wife and daughter don't have their own.
And I was the only one she could reach who had a key. So, fine. I ate breakfast and got dressed and got a car to the office.

To find his daughter already there (although unable to find the number because they misheard T's name. Fortunately, I did know it.) She was in the office because R and her husband, also agents, were there. They'd simply turned their phones off. So I gave her the number and printed a copy of our phone list for her and then went to have coffee.

On the way in, I saw a woman knitting with very thick, colorful yarn. I asked her if it was handspun, but she said not by her. She called it Persian wool, which is interesting because I've only used that for needlepoint. This looked more like thin roving to me. It felt nice (she let me touch it.) It was very bulky and she was using huge needles. She said there was a huge yarn sale going on in Manhattan, and I thanked her even though I knew I wasn't going to go - it's only for today and Saturday, so...

Also, I don't need yarn right now.

She recognized the Koigu I'm using, so that was cool.

Why don't I need yarn?

Because I just got some. I have 8 hanks of Cascade 220 in plum heather that will be my first sweater and two hanks of Lorna's Laces Shepherd sock yarn in a lovely colorway called "Watercolor". I'm within two skeins of finishing my cable lace wrap, and I'm ready to start something shaped. I'm going to take the advice someone gave me and start with a sleeve.

It's going to be a simple pullover with seed-stitch cuffs, hem and neckline, and I think I'm going to add something to the front just for interest.

And I may just give the socks away. It's going to be a pleasure using that colorway, and I have a friend who will love them.


It's going to be a simple pullover with seed-stitch cuffs, hem and neckline,

Oh! I'm knitting something which sounds like that right now in purple chenille. I'm not sure it'll fit me, but I'm sure I'll find someone if it doesn't.

That sounds nice.

I'm not ready to deal with chenille yet. I'm still working on technique.

On behalf of the knitting half (one adult female, one beginning male child, probably expanding to 3/4 when the female child gets a chance) of the family, do you have details of the yarn sale? TIA.

*heads to bed prior to back to work night*

Oh, at Smiley's? Muchas gracias!

Smiley's has great sales about once a month at their store in Woodhaven. Just let me know a day you want to go, and I will meet you there, since it;s not far from where I work!

i jsut finished my brother's sweater rescently. i cannot recomend more strongly the "Sweater workbook" book. it expands on E. zimmerman's seamless sweater pattern and is a great great help.

sleeves and sweaters in general ar just liek socks without the heel or toe :)

You need to go to my friend Mali's (LJ deliciouspear) site, LJ name Yarnybits. She hand dyes the most beautiful colorways, they're cheap, she ships all over the world, and she takes custom requests with glee. She's a real sweetie, too.

Tell her Grace sent you! :-D