Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Mild annoyances

1. I forgot to leave the oven on Friday afternoon (or, rather, I thought I'd set it to 200F but it turns out I shut it off instead), so Shabbos lunch was cold or room temp.

2. Even though Jonathan *knew* I was going to be making a dairy lunch, he still left me with a sink full of fleishig dishes. He's going to get an earful when he gets back from shiur - and I will make him wash up immediately because if I'm not cooking a fleishig dinner tonight, I'm cooking it tomorrow, and I'm NOT coming home from work to face a sinkful of dairy dishes *before* I make dinner.

3. My last article was rejected, which the editor claims he told me in an email, except he didn't. And he only talks to Jonathan, not me. I don't mind that it was rejected - it wasn't very good, really - I just mind that I had to find out that way.

4. The current challenge on sga_flashfic. Major squick of mine. *shrug* Happens.

5. Is it my imagination, or is Christmas programming/adverstising even more ubiquitous this year than previously? I'm still at "mildly annoyed", but it's early yet.

6. I can't make myself write my (lj comm=yuletide> story. I think because it's too much like homework. I'm 3K words in, but this one wants to have some length.
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