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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Good things

1. I ordered a pair of boots a week or so ago. They said the color was on backorder and I wouldn't get them until January. That was fine. They showed up, in that color, on Friday afternoon and I'm wearing them now. They're beautiful, and they fit my calves.

2.That plum velour dress I ordered also showed up. It's perfect - soft and comfortable and flattering. It has a keyhole closure in back that shows too much (read "any") skin, so I can't wear it in public without a tank underneath, but it's just fine for Shabbat with my husband. I love it.

3. I'm almost done with my cable-lace wrap - just three more rows and blocking and fringe. By tomorrow night, it will be done. I can start swatching my sweater tonight.

4. Last night's Cold Case was intensely slashy.

5. My husband and I have been chosen for an honor which I will talk about when it's all official.

6. My boss is home from the hospital and much improved.

7. I had very good transit luck this morning - I had to race the bus to the bus stop, and the subway came pretty much as I left the staircase, so ZERO waiting.


Yay on the boots and the skirt. I always wear a turtlneck so I'd forgotten about the back when you mentioned getting the dress/shabbos robe.

Glad to hear that your boss is improved.

Hurray for much improvement!

As malkaesther said, that dress would look great over a thin turtleneck or even a dickey that covered the keyhole.

Shawls are also nice for covering clothing that exposes skin