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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Last night.

Last night, I walked into the little pharmacy about a block away from my office. I needed new scrunchies for my hair, and if I ever want to wear my new boots without socks, I need insoles. What I found was less than satisfactory, but it's a neat little pharmacy - one of those with a huge and varied inventory in a tiny space. For example, they have the entire selection of Burt's Bees products, next to shelves full of beautiful soaps - bars of several sizes, and neat shapes, in rich scents and colors. The sort of soaps you'd arrange in a basket as a gift (and, hey, I wonder if my mother-in-law would like that for a Chanukah present?)

So, I wandered around for awhile, and thought about superduper floss and fancy toothpastes and maybe getting the insoles anyway, even though I think socks are the way to go right now. You know, just...being there, I guess. And then I went to the Burt's Bees display - again, not so much a Display as just shelves - and tried out hand cremes just to do. And as I was deciding that I like the almond one better than the banana one, but wasn't going to get either, a woman walks up to the counter.

"Hi. Is your notary in?"

"I'm sorry. He's out right now."

Well, I've had fantasies about this, you know? And I was needed and, anyway, who could pass this up? "I'm a notary!"

"Do you have your stamp with you?"

"Yes." I do - I share my desk, so it lives in my purse.

She was laughing, I was laughing - it's a rather cool thing. "It is I, Notary Woman!" We ended up using a cardboard display of glycerin soaps as a makeshift desk, and there was some trouble getting my stamp to imprint properly, but we finally managed it, and she gave me $2 even though I offered to waive the fee.

And when I bought my ponytailt things, I told the lady at the counter where I worked because I know how it feels to disappoint people and notaries are thin on the ground here.

And while I was writing this post? Three people walked in a row walked in needing a notary, and were directed here by the pharmacy clerk. Since one person needed four stamps, I just earned $12.

Go, Notary Woman!


Notary Woman! Able to notarize vital documents with a single stamp!

Totally without irony: that is so awesome! I would fantasize about that sort of thing too, if I were a notary!

Oh that's kewl!

Usually these stories end with ... and so I quit my day job and went on to build an empire of roving notaries that is the largest certifying authority in the continental United States.

It also occurs to me that you need a theme song.

Nah. Just a musical sting, such as "Bom ba BOM!" would do for me.

You're a superhero - dashing around New York in a leotard - a nice, modest leotard, with a skirt - and a giant Notary stamper, saving the bureaucracy from questionable identities!

I love it. Notary woman to the rescue.

Good grief, I have Commissioner for Oaths fantasies about that!

- How much do you charge to notarize a document? Here the going rate is $20 for commissioning and $35 for notarization (since notaries are generally lawyers, mayors, etc. and most documents just have to be commissioned).

I'm not a notary, but the going rate in LV is about $5 per stamp.


At the U there are several people on campus whose jobs require them to be notaries. I haven't paid for a stamp for years.

My goodness.

$2/signature. In New York State, I can't legally charge more.

I'm wondering if "notarizing" means something different here than it does in New York. Here, notarizing (or more commonly commissioning) is when someone swears an affidavit or a declaration in front of you, and includes completing the jurat and any affidavits.

Generally people don't need things notarized except in rare cases - when transferring real property, when preparing filings for court cases, and the like. I've needed the services of another commissioner twice in 42 years.

See I'm having visions of you in cape and domino mask and your emblem is a big ole notary seal across your chest.

Awesome! Like in a story!