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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Studio 60

Everyone's talking aboutHeroes,and I pretty much agree with what's been said. It's truly one of the most compelling series on today. For someone who is both an sf fan and a comics fan, that makes it very, very sweet indeed.

So, instead,

Yes, mabfan, I did watch it. I spent it winding wool, but I watched it.

And Sorkin pulled off what I think was meant as a metasnark. The only one with the "Christmas Spirit" was Matt, the Jewish guy. Everyone else, ostensibly Christians (although we really don't know. Darius could be a pagan, after all), spent the entire episode debunking it, while saying things just slightly off - Ben Joseph instead of Josephus, mispronouncing betullah, things like that. If Matt had done that, it would have felt (and, yes, been) mean spirited. Instead, it was *funny*. Which is rarely a word I'd use in conjunction with Studio 60, so *cool*. And while I'm still having problems with Jordan's characterization (are we going to have pregnancy eating jokes until she has her baby in time for May sweeps?), Harriet was portrayed as someone intelligent and talented.

So, the promos lied. Again. I'm not really terribly surprised.


So, um, but did you like it? I have to say that having Matt being the one pushing Christmas kind of rubbed me the wrong way. But then again, Harriet would have been too obvious a choice.

I didn't hate it. :)

Yeah, it bugged me until I realized what Sorkin was probably doing. Still wasn't happy about it, but it made sense.

It *had* to be the Jewish guy.

To quote the Vulcans, "Only Nixon could go to China."

"Josephson". And what's with Simon thinking that Israel is in North Africa, thus making Jesus "one of us" (as if North Africans look anything like him)?

And I don't believe that in any possible universe the FCC would want them to time-delay the live news, or fine them for something that happened in a genuine live news event. It just wouldn't happen; they'd look ridiculous, even to themselves. This is just more Sorkin religion-bashing.

I keep meaning to watch Studio 60, but missing it. But I am completely hooked on Heroes