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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
I do NOT believe it

I went to the doctor's today. He took blood for my lipids and A1c and I got a flu shot.

I also had my blood pressure meausured - 128/88, which is apparently good. And that's all quite believable and fine.

I also got weighed.



I was 205 in March. I'd been pretty much holding steady at around 200lbs for over a decade. The bathroom scale at home and the one at my inlaws said the same thing, but those things could be off and...I weigh 178 pounds. I've lost 25 lbs.

I do NOT believe it. I'm still wearing all the same clothes, and maybe they're a trifle large, but they're still wearable.

I have an appointment next week when my numbers come in. He's talking about maybe taking me off some meds. And he was so thrilled I'm doing this that he shook my hand and...oh, my.

I'm also afraid to believe it because then I might get complacent and I don't want to do this.

(On a different note - I got my scarf back from the museum, so that's good, too.)


That's excellent. I'm proud of you.


Yay! On the weight loss!!!! Nice when it sneeks up on you. uh? ;-D


That's awesome, Mama!!

Cooooool! I am quite envious. Congratulations.

That's wonderful.

That's great! Especially that it was just a surprise.

Hey, that's great!

Good job!

Great news. Keep up the good work. Any yayness on getting the scarf back.

that's *awesome*!! go you!

I had a similar moment at my last visit to the endocrinologist - I stood on the scale just sort of blinking dumbfoundedly at the number. That couldn't be how much *I* weighed, could it?


Congratulations! That's wonderful news.

Oh, hooray!

That's great. Congrats!

Wow, congratulations!