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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Grrrs at LJ

Please to not be changing my viewing options to Horizon just because you have a holiday banner (no matter how pretty it is.) I don't like Horizon as a viewing option in general - that's WHY I don't use it. I prefer Excaliber. That's WHY I chose it. Changing it means I have to go to each browser I use, both home and at work, and change it back.

That I also don't like holiday banners is part of this, but mostly I find it annoying to have to CHANGE BACK to my clear preference.


(just so you know, the developers know that random switching like this is going on, and know it's a problem; I don't have any clue when it'll get fixed but hopefully soon. it's not a deliberate change, and everyone involved hopes it's something that stops really soon.)

(also, technically, it's XColibur *grin* yes, I'm being nitpicky.)

Thank you! That really does help - if it's unintended and they're working on it, I am far less annoyed.

And don't ever worry about being nitpicky to me. :)