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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Grrs at Verizon

I cannot send email via my Verizon account. No one can on the entire planet. I know because that's what the nice gentleman in India said.

We can receive.


Hasn't he ever heard it's better to give than receive? Sorry. ;D

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To be fair - it's going to hit them *hard* that their outgoing email doesn't work even for one day.

If they're not working extremely hard at it right now, they're utter fools.

Hmmm ... osirusbrisbane was having trouble with Verizon yesterday - no internet at all, which they insisted was a problem on his end, although today it's miraculously fixed, without any effort on his (my) part at all.

Makes one wonder.

You're so cute when you "grr" like that.

can you please email me your snailmail address? devo at kessin dot com