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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
It's the Soy, I tell you.

It's a good thing Jonathan prefers real milk on his cereal.

Gacked from both zsero and Making Light.


Whaha? Wh... Dear heavens that man needs help.

*snickers* Is that site real? I hope it's just a really good spoof...Still cracks me up either way...

Wow, I never trust anything I hear from WorldNetDaily (unless I see it elsewhere also) but it usually doesn't sound quite that much like the Weekly World News.

Soy. *nods* Right. Makes sense

After all, that would explain why most Japanese and Chinese men are raging queens. Seeing as soy plays a major part in those two cultures' cuisine.

Oh, wait. Most Japanese and Chinese guys self-identify as straight, don't they?

*eyeroll* Moron.

I had to keep checking back to see that this wasn't from the Onion...

Oh yeah, because I believe everything that evangelical ministers tell me. We all know what a solid background in scientific research they have.

BTW, did you know that Teletubbies will make your kid gay, too? Oh,and Barney, and Fruit Loops, and attatchment parenting, and...and...and...