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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Test results

I just had a consultation with my doctor for my A1C and other bloodwork.

And. They really couldn't have been better.

My A1C, which measures my blood glucose level over three months, was 5.9. Which means I'm not even in the standard range for diabetes. My last reading was 6.7; my first, the one that got me on meds and diet was 9.

My doctor says that if I get down to 165 - if I lose another 13 lbs - he'll probably take me off some, if not all, meds. That includes the blood pressure med - and my current blood pressure is 120/80 (it was higher last week, but last week I'd just started a period, and I was retaining water) and the cholesterol med. Because one is supposed to have a ration of good/bad cholesterol under 4.4. And mine? Was three.

We do eat a lot of fish, and I'm drinking a lot of soy milk.

I'm not changing a thing of what I'm doing.

Current Mood: thrilled

Yay! I'm very glad.

Yay! I'm so glad for you.

Wow! That's great!

That is great news. Good for you for the changes you've made to diet and the exercie. It looks like it is paying off.

Good for you!

And I've got to start working harder at losing more weight.

A few years ago, I went to a doctor about ringing in my ears. Mentioned that my foot had been itching, and the itching wasn't going away. Which got me tested for diabetes. And my blood pressure was higher than it should have been.

I'm out of danger for diabetes, but my blood pressure is still a bit high.

I had more incentive to avoid diabetes. I've known several people who would have lived much longer if they'd controlled their eating and otherwise managed diabetes.

And the ringing in my ears? I now wear a hearing aid -- and I've learned to live with a bit of noise in my ears when I'm not wearing the hearing aid.

Rock on!