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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Holiday prep

Sunday is the big family Chanukah party. I just made two lasagnas. It's sort of an optional pot luck, but, honestly? I made them so we'd be absolutely certain we'd have something to eat. It's dairy, you see, and we know they're not strict on cheese there.

Menorahs - I just got a new one because I really, really want to light oil, not candles and the one I've been using doesn't take oil cups. So we got one that did, and it's very pretty. And we got nine oil cups (and two spares) for it, too. Jonathan needs to clean the oil cups from last year's for his.

I need to get a couple of boxes of gelt for my office. I have books for Jonathan and he has presents for me, and we have gifts for his parents and brother, and for the kids at the party.
1. Susan Cooper's "The Dark is Rising" series for the seventh grader
2. Mille Bourne card game for his 5th grade brother
3. Stacking pegs for the 2.5 year old
5. A plastic box with shapes to poke in for the one year old.

And then there's the niece. So far - One giant box of Legos with which Uncle Jonathan is not satisfied, so he's getting her the parts its missing and one handknit hat and mitten set. We're also getting a smaller toy for the small family celebration on Wednesday.

Shul party on Saturday night.

Um. whew?

Back to yuletide story.


Oh, I so wanted to light with oil this year, but I got sick and I just never got around to shopping for all the stuff I would need. Next year, with oil! :-D

it sounds like you've got things well in hand - have fun!

Mmmm, lasagna.

You just "made" me buy a bunch of eggplant and mushrooms for lasagna. Well, order them for next week.