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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Slightly more Chanukah prep

When I tried to set up my pretty, pretty new Chanukiah, I found that the oil cups I'd purchased to go with it didn't go. That is, some of the stems were just that tad too large to fit in the holders, and some of the cups were just a tad too large to fit next to each other. So I took a cup that fit and put it in my pocket and went to a local Judaica store (rebmotka will have memories of this place) - twenty minutes before it closed - and bought another box of the same size cups (and an aluminum foil tray to put underneath as nicer than a sheet of foil.

And this box? All the cups fit perfectly both in the holders and next to each other. Same size cups, same brand. And now it just looks lovely there in the window.

Meanwhile, I can't cook dinner because we have a plumber taking care of our shower - it's been leaking for *months* - so the water has been turned off. Fortunately, it cooks fast. And Jonathan, who was working from home this morning (something I'd love him to do on winter Fridays anyway), is now off getting his hair cut.

And, apparently - microwaving oil cups filled with a vinegar soap solution gets rid of oil soot nicely. Okay, the house smells of vinegar, but his last year's cup are sparkling.


That's a gorgeous icon.

Isnt it? My friend darthfox modified it for me (from one I made rather badly.) She says it's gankable with credit.