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Petty Annoyances

I left work Wednesday with some stuff left over. I don't like doing that, but I had a lot of thingsf to do on Wednesday, so some things got put off. To be precise, I left over the easiest part - take the original listings that have already been logged into the appropriate places, photocopy and distribute them and then file them. I even left a sticky to that effect on the listings.

I came back to find a whole set of listings that have been photocopied and distributed (we have have a system of checkmarks so I can know that) but not entered into the computer - plus the ones I'd left behind. The first part is normal for a Monday. But the second...

One of the house listings was *in contract* already, so our agents got the listing far too late. I'm the only one who does the data entry. I accept that, although it's extremely basic and easy - but either of the other receptionists could have done this. Really. And *I* get in trouble. Because if one of them does something wrong, I'm the one my boss talks to. It's a minor annoyance, but it exists.

And one of those other receptionists is a agent as well. And she had a fight with the boss. So, I'm wondering what's going to be next.

And I would not mind working one extra day a week all that much. I mean, I *like* having Thursdays off, but a little extra cash isn't a bad thing. And I'd get more done.

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