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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Cookies Torture

One of our subcontracters sent over a tray piled high with Italian cookies. It's sitting right next to my desk and looks and smells *delicious.*

And they're full of sugar and not kosher, so doubly forbidden.


Just tell yourself 'I bet they were made with mealy flour. I bet they have worms all in them.'

Lard. Lard and poison.

That's what I'm telling myself.

oh dear,

Here... A large plate of Kosher Hamentashen

Hope this helps.


There's still the sugar thing. I am taking diabetes meds.

(And minor point - hamentaschen are specific for Purim. I know they're sold all year round, but that's Wrong. The pastry for Chanukah are sufganiyot, or Israeli jelly donuts. Which I don't especially like because there's too low a jelly/donut ratio for someone brought up on American donuts. Which is why many people just head for the nearest kosher Dunkin Donuts instead.)

Oddly enough, as long as I know that X is not kosher I have a lot less trouble resisting it, even if it smells and looks great. On the other hand, if X is kosher... one of the parents brought a big box of store-bought kosher cookies to parent conferences day, and I had a hard time not eating more than my share (especially since it sat on my desk all day).

Same with me. I think I eat too much of whatever-kosher-things wander into the office to 'make up for' the things I don't eat the rest of the time. Which is very very stupid, of course.

But very human.

Offers gelt.

*accepts gelt*

It's my first gelt of the season! :-)

I know.

I brought in three boxes of gelt today. Because my boss loves chocolate and I found not only milk chocolate and dark chocolate gelt, but WHITE chocolate as well, and couldn't resist.

They're out of reach of my desk.

That's how Voldemort tortures his enemies, you know...he wafts delicious cookie smells under their noses and doesn't allow them to eat one single bite...

He is up on his Greek myths, isn't he?


(And, for your daily dose of slightly surreal humor, on my friends page, this post is directly above a slashdot article: "The Dangers of Improper Cookie Use."


Simple rule. Just remember that non kosher = rat poison.


Delicious smelling rat poison covered in pine nuts or chocolate...

The better to poison the rats with, my dear!