Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

What's in your purse?

jacquez wants to know.

car recharger for pda
notary stamp
blank index cards
binder clip
extra zyrtec packs
unfilled prescriptions
bedika cloths
loose change at the bottom
bottle of advil
shoe laces
business card holder
safety pins
broken metrocard holder
various old plastic bags and receipts
eyeglass case holding magentic clip-on sunglasses
broken key chain

Two bonus bags
Belt pouch holds:
Bank card
Loose change
pill case with glyset and metformin
Coffee shop card
If I had notary money, that's where it would be, but I'm currently out.
One or two odd receipts

Knitting bag (small Barnes and Noble tote) holds
Current portable knitting project (nearly finished sock, circular needle and yarn)
Finished sock
Pattern for next project
Tool bag (cosmetic bag holding all my small knitting tools, including pen, pencil and small notebook)

My pda has taken the place of a lot of my purse clutter - I no longer need to carry an address book, a calendar, a prayerbook, a book of psalms, a calculator or reading material. The waist pouch is my solution to the problem of not wearing belts and not wanting to weigh down skirt pockets - I can keep my pda and cellphone accessible without having to have the purse. It's also convenient for my metrocard, and I like having my bank card safe and available for POS purchases.

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