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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
One more note

I mentioned a couple weeks back that we're being honored in our synagogue (and thank you *all* so much for your kind words). What I didn't say was that we were expecting, despite the honor, to do the dinner journal again, including formatting all the ads people will take out.

As estherchaya said, that looks a little tacky. More than that - one of the things of being honored is looking through the journal that night and seeing what people said about and for you, and we weren't happy about that, but you know. You do what you have to do. We thought about asking someone else, but the best person is the best person because she does graphics for a living, and so it didn't seem fair to get her to do her profession on her off time.

This past Shabbat she walked up to Jonathan and asked if she could do the journal instead of us. Because it's better if someone else did it.

I cannot tell you how relieved we are.


I don't believe I said it quite that bluntly (and if I did, I apologize), but yes, it would have been an unfortunate conflict of interest.

I'm really glad someone else has offered to do it!

No, you were not that blunt, but you were right.

Oh how nice of her. Nice that she thought the same thing you did.

She and her husband are very dedicated to the synagogue- Elie is a past president and he's still vital to the running of the place.

Lucky you to have a friend like that.