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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
My year in fanfiction

Two Kings - Narnia. Rated G

Reaction - SGA Sheppard/Mckay Adult

Look Sports Night Dan/Casey G

Control - Hornblower Hornblower/Bush Adult

Some Far-off Touch SGA Sheppard/McKay Adult

Answers - Harry Potter Snape/Lupin G

Threat SGA Sheppard/McKay Adult

Clue SGA Mensaverse Rod/John Adultish

Five Things about John Sheppard SGA Gen

Return HP Harry/Draco (Written as Heliotrope Basilica for the reversathon.

Untitled Triple Drabble for destina - SG1 Jack/Daniel

Various Drabbles here, here and here.

Sweet was its Blessing, Kind its Caressing Neil Gaiman's Sandman The Corinthian. Adult for violence. Pinch-hit for the comica_obscura ficathon.)

Litany SGA Teyla Gen Written for the sga_flashfic Dark Fiction challenge.

Five Things Meme #1 and #2.

To Light Upon Discworld Vimes/Vetinari Adult


Do you have any idea how much I resisted the idea of Vimes/Vetinari? It seems so incredibly wrong. That said, I loved the story, and I do think that maybe Sybil would be okay with it.

Oh. I'm so happy.

Yeah, I think she would - she would want Sam happy and with someone who loves him.

[catches up on stuff I missed]

[really needs to read more Discworld books sometime so I can truly appreciate how wrong and yet right Vimes/Vetinari is; loves story anyway]