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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Departure to the land of unconnectedness

When I leave the office tonight, I shall be in the land without an internet - we are still without a computer. Also, I will be leaving for Arisia on Thursday, and hopefully not returning until Monday. Which means I shall be cut off until - horrors - Tuesday.

I'm already feeling withdrawal pains. Maybe I'll be able to use my pda for email.

I'll see you on Tuesday.


See you on Shabbat!

(In previous years there have been rooms with connected computers available to congoers, if you should want.)

same thing as they said ;-)

I feel so plural now.

don't feel plural, just feel indeterminate ;-)

i was too lazy to check whether you're male-, female-, or anthingelse-identified, and didn't want to potentially offend you by assuming "magid" = masculine noun.

That's what I'd assumed, but I couldn't resist commenting anyway.

It's not easily checkable in my userinfo, as it turns out. Technically, I suppose I should've used "maggidah," but that doesn't have the same ring at all :-).

a couple of things...
i will be in rom 309, and i will have some kosher snacks.

i have a bread maker that is kosher dairy.. i will be baking bread. if one of you turns on the machine, its kosher, because i am not jewish.....

my room is my home for the weekend, not just my shop.. feel free to stop in and shmooze.

i have kosher cookbooks up for grabs, see my LJ.
and finally....
is the Kosher Conspiracy having its usual shabbos dinner? can i bring anything?

Supposedly the Hyatt hotel rooms have free WIFI, with for-a-fee wifi in the function rooms.

See this page of the Arisia Site.

yup, me too. see you there room 309